About us

Woman on laptop.

Wireless Trondheim has the following main objectives:

  • Offer wireless broadband in Trondheim. We provide access to large and small organizations that want free internet access to their employees. We also sell access directly to smaller businesses and end users. We offer several ways to pay and authenticate with a net capacity of up to 22 Mbps on Wi-Fi. As of 2011 we are found on about 500 access points across Trondheim and have about 15,000 unique users per month.
  • Wireless Trondheim Living Lab (WTLL). Together with NTNU we can offer a unique arena for innovation where new products can be developed and tested in a real world environment and real users. Wireless Trondheim Living Lab has fiber access to several rooftop locations across the city, with capacity for installation of new equipment as well as the user base to facilitate new products and services. This makes WTLL a unique in the world. Read more about WTLL on our website.
  • Development of value-adding wireless services. Wireless Trondheim oversees several research and development projects. In all our projects, we work on user driven innovation and value chain analysis. Due to this approach, we were asked to provide a contribution to the Obama administration’s innovation strategy in 2010. In 2010 we brought our first service, Sky ID, to market. Sky ID is a service for user authentication, and usage logging in wireless networks. The service is distributed though our subsidiary, Sky Labs.

Feel free to contact us for more information and possibility of cooperation.

Opening celebration from 2006.
From the opening. From the left: NTNU Dean Torbjørn Digernes, Mayor of Trondheim Rita Ottervik, Bank Executive Arnstein Hellem and Chairman of the County Council Tore Sandvik
Photo: Gorm Kallestad/NTNU Info

Gloshaugen main building.
Foto: Mentz Indergaard/NTNU Info