How to connect

To use the wireless network you need a device that can connect to Wi-Fi. Inspect our coverage map to see what areas our network is available.

When you are in a covered area, choose TradloseTrondheim or WirelessTrondheim among the available wireless networks.
Start your web browser and go to any website.
You will then be transferred to our login portal, where you will receive further instructions.

You can choose between 3 hours, 24 hours or 30 days (different prices for the guest users from Trondheim Kommune):
Payment is done with SMS. Maximum bandwidth is 5 megabit per second.

3 hours

Price: 10 NOK

24 hours

Price: 30 NOK

30 days

Price: 199 NOK

You can only use Norwegian mobile numbers when paying with SMS.

If you experience difficulties, send an email to:, or call: 47 44 66 77.


If you connect to the network called TradloseTrondheim(TK), you are in a coverage area with some special conditions. You can get 24 hours of access for 5 NOK, or log in using your Trådløse Trondheim ID username and password. If you have a username and password with either Trondheim Kommune or Adresseavisen you can also use these here to gain free access.

Free access:

If you are associated with one of our partners, you have the ability to use the network free of charge using your regular username and password. Click on the links below to read more about how to connect.