LoRaWAN gateways up and running in Trondheim


For a few months we have had two lora gateways up and running in Trondheim. One on the roof of olavskvartalet. Its gateway_ID is AA555A0008060353.

Another one is located on the roof of samfundet. Its gateway_ID is AA555A0008060252.
They are both forwarding data packets to The Things Network.

LoRaWAN is a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) specification intended for wireless battery operated Things. The intention is to provide infrastructure for the internet of things. More and more devices will be connected to the internet.

The gateways are publicly accessible. This means they will accept all packets and ship them off to The Things Network. To grab the data you use the http api.

To understand the data flow and architecture, visit the The Things Network wiki.

Two NTNU students are already using our lora network to measure co2 emissions in Elgeseter gate.

Feel free to contact us at hei@tradlosetrondheim.no if you find this interesting!