Success with LoRa workshop in Trondheim

On Monday 23rd May we organized a LoRa workshop at DIGS. About 20 participants joined the meetup.

The purpose of this 2-hour workshop was to get hands-on experience with using the LoRa network in Trondheim. LoRa is a new radio standard for connecting things to the internet. Its features are long range and low battery. It is useful to power the internet of things.

We had two visitors from Semtech:

Bernt-Olov gave us a small tour of his company and their products.

One interesting fact from Bernt regarding LoRa is that it is very resilient to jammers. The reason is because LoRa uses spread-spectrum techniques in which a particular bandwidth is deliberately spread in the frequency domain.


We put together a guide over at a Github repository, for the participants to follow:

At least two groups were able to send data to the network and then fetch it with an MQTT client.

Others struggled with related technological issues.


In all, a very successful workshop. It feels good to be working with bleeding edge technology.

The natural next step after mastering this technology is to identify areas that can profit from it.


  • Measuring air quality
  • Automatic measuring of garbage cans levels
  • Antibike theft
  • Anticar theft
  • Optimized road usage
  • Monitoring of parking spaces
  • Monitoring vibrations in buildings
  • Monitoring traffic congestion. Increase price when it becomes congested.
  • Detecting fire/temperature levels.
  • Measuring radiation levels
  • Animal tracking
  • Home intrusion detection systems